Health & Safety

The Windermere Dental Practice has a responsibility for the safety of both our patients and ourselves. We take this responsibility very seriously and follow strict guidelines from bodies such as The General Dental Council and The British Dental Association.
It may be helpful to explain some of our procedures further.

We adhere to a strict policy of cross-infection control. All instruments are either single-use or have been sterilized using our autoclaves. Disposable instruments include endodontic instruments and the slow burrs from the handpiecese.

We provide protective eyeglasses and bibs for patients and wear facemasks and protective eyewear ourselves. Hands are cleaned before and after each patient using specially prepared medical scrub. We wear a pair of disposable gloves, which are changed for each patient.

All our team members are fully immunized, vaccinated, and attend regular courses on cross infection control.

Of concern to all dentists is the water that comes through our dental units. Bacteria and viruses can infect the water lines and produce a layer which coats the inside of water tubing called a biofilm. This, if left untreated, will contaminate the water coming from instruments such as the dental drills. We use a system called Sterilox to remove the biofilm, making the water completely safe for patient contact.

As a team we are continually reviewing and updating our techniques. We undergo regular appraisals by independent inspectors to ensure that we comply with, and even exceed all the regulations. We are more than happy to discuss any concerns our patients may have.

The practice is committed to using the most up to date materials.